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CRC offers a broad range of collection services that covers all types of debt recoveries and ensures the loyalty of its clients. Collection Services of all types, under one roof , CRC. Our principle for Debt Recovery is "Fee Based On Collection"

Invoice Management Service (IMS) is a pre-collection program, designed for clients, to hand over their invoices and contracts from Day One, after the sale of products and services, in return for a percentage based fee per claim or account. CRC has the experience to assist at the receivables stage of the credit function rather than wait for a debt to become 90+ days overdue. IMS is a full service pre-collection program where credit check, reminder letters, and phone calls are extensively utilized. It is an excellent tool to set aside accounts which do not require extreme collection measures.


          1. Less expensive than carrying out the same in-house.
          2. Weeds out easy to handle claims.
          3. The debtor sends all monies due directly to the client.
          4. Smaller claims receive the same attention as larger ones.
          5. Focus is on customer service, and after sales service is left to CRC.

Direct Collection Service (DCS) is a percentage based collection program where past due accounts are recovered for a fee based upon a specific percentage of the total amount recovered. It comprises of a team of certified and highly skilled debt recovery agents with expertise in collecting directly from debtors through amicable negotiations be it is new, overdue or a bad debt account.


          1. Very effective on older or stubborn accounts.
          2. Debtors are located at no extra fee.
          3. Legal counsel is available when there is litigation, for an extra fee.
          4. Information on bad debtors is reported to CRC's credit bureau.

Special & Executive Collection Service (SECS) is a program targeting collection of overdue debts from individuals and corporates on behalf of CRC's corporate clients. It is initiated by 'Private and Confidential' contracts, on the basis that collection is conducted on the first date when a receivable becomes overdue and where all possible legal and executive policies and procedures are executed.

The program is completed by a team of experienced debt recovery specialists to ensure a record period of collections.

One of the most frustrating experiences is the inability to locate a debtor or trace his assets through which recovery can be achieved.

CRC uses Skip Tracing Service (STS) as well as its Associate Offices relating to the ACA International (ACA) to effectively handle this problem.

CRC offers Legal Action Service (LAS) through its network of qualified and experienced lawyers who provide legal advice.

They expedite the legal documentation process and ensure a fast, efficient and reliable service that guarantees timely and effective judgement in a court of law.

In the event that a Company has an outstanding receivable due, the advantage of placing it for recovery with a qualified and specialized Collection Company or Agency in the country of or near the debtor, greatly increases the potential that it will indeed get collected.

This is where CRC for Credit Rating & Collection (CRC) comes into the picture. CRC provides International Collection Service (ICS) through its memberships in various International Debt Collection Associations such American Collectors Association International (ACA).

Factoring (Islamic) can be defined as the purchase or sale of a business's invoices in line within the principles of the Islamic Shari'ah. In other words, a business may collect the monies owed on an invoice immediately, by accepting a reduced amount in cash from a third party, thereby unlocking cash tied up in 30, 60, or 90-day terms to its customers. This third party is known as a "factor".

CRC (the factor) provides this service by reviewing the client's business and its accounts receivable (ageing report, sample invoices etc.). If interested in the transaction, CRC submits its proposed terms and conditions based on the amount of the invoices that the client wishes to factor. If the client accepts the proposed terms, CRC performs a due diligence on the client's accounts receivable portfolio and advances a certain percentage of the invoiced amounts to the client. The remaining percentage of the invoices are held as a reserve. CRC assumes the right to receive payment on the invoices from the client's customers. Once payments are received from the client's customers, CRC reduces its factoring fees and makes the balance payment to its client.

Essentially, Delinquent Debt is money that is owed, past the traditional 30-day period, by one party (the debtor) to another party (the creditor), for goods or services rendered. Although the debt over 30 days is considered delinquent, many companies resort to various tactics to collect their money, using their internal as well as external resources. When all efforts fail, they finally take a decision to write off the debt as uncollectible, under the category "charged off bad debt".

This is where CRC has carved a niche for itself in the debt marketplace. CRC has successfully arranged transactions involving Consumer & Commercial Portfolio Loan Accounts. This has been achieved through CRC's Due Diligence, Portfolio Analysis, Ageing Rules Set Up, Ageing Analysis and Valuation of the Delinquent Debt Portfolio.

Credit Rating is a simple and easy to understand indicator, expressed in alphabetical or alphanumeric symbols, of the relative opinion of a Credit Rating Agency, to assess the risk involved in a specific borrowing program of an issuer (client) with reference to the capability of the issuer to repay the debt as per the terms of issue.

Credit Rating provides investors with critical information in order to enable them to take a well informed investment decision based on their risk-return preferences. These also help investors to select the appropriate investment opportunities from a wide range of options available. CRC provides Credit Rating Services in UAE through a Technical Service Agreement with ICRA Limited, India. ICRA is a regionally recognized Credit Rating Agency in which Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) of the US, the internationally reputed Rating Agency, is the largest shareholder.