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CRC aims to contribute towards creating financial stability by assisting companies and corporations in recovering their debts so as to enable them to better focus on their specialized roles and functions.

CRC also aims to protect the banking and commercial systems through its risk management and debt recovery services and hence fulfill the cycle of unpaid debts.

The main objectives of CRC comprise the following:

1. To Collect and other debts on behalf of its customers in addition to purchasing and collecting commercial and other debts for the Company itself.
2. To develop, use and provide debt collection and purchasing methods for customer debts.
3. To collect, provide and update necessary information and data for customers' credit and solvency rating.
4. Exploit the financial surplus available to the Company through investing same in financial portfolios run by specialized entities.
5. Provide and offer financial and commercial consultations to commercial companies and prepare financial reports on the percentages and method of collection of third party funds.

We are committed to providing complete and comprehensive business solutions to manage credit risk and enhance the financial position of the business community

Companies which resort to aggressive action understand the importance of seeking professional assistance when their internal efforts to collect have not proven successful.

1. Our people are the true assets.

2. Flexibility, Confidentiality, Ethics and Professionalism in all actions.

3. Fully committed to quality when serving clients.

4. Responsible to the business community as a whole.

5. Settlement of all debt claims in an efficient and effective manner.

6. Ensure continuous growth through innovative and tailored services.

7. Work in line with the laws of the State and within Islamic principles.


CRC employs the highest quality performance when it comes to servicing its clients. This is evident in the use of international skills, techniques and expertise in the field of debt recoveries, to resolve all debt claims that will positively impact the debtor as well as the creditor. CRC also works to assist financial institutions with their amicable and legal collection departments.

To ensure that the Debt Recovery Process is safe and secure, CRC operates within the legal framework for this line of business and within the rules and regulations of the country. All services provided by CRC are in accordance with the principles of the Islamic Shari'ah.


CRC is the only firm of its kind in the State that works in line within the principles of the Islamic Shari'ah.

Quality & Trust

Today, CRC is one of the leading companies, providing credit management and debt recovery services effectively and efficiently in terms of implementation and quality. The rapid expansion of CRC has been attributed to the professionalism of CRC's staff and the confidence and the trust placed on CRC by its reputed clients which includes major Banks and Financial Institutions , Auto Dealer Agencies , Telecom Companies, Insurance Companies, Hospitals & Other Companies in the private and public sectors.

Holding Increases The Problem

Cash flow is the engine which drives big and small businesses but delinquent accounts are a constraint to their survival. Economic and competitive pressures of recent years have pushed many companies to extend the time in which they will permit the Accounts Receivable to age past the specific due date, prior to executing formal collection efforts. According to a study conducted by the ACA International (USA), the probability of collecting on delinquent accounts after 90 days drops to 72%. Subsequently, six months later, the probability drops to 56%, and after one year, further down to 28%. This clearly demonstrates the critical importance of taking positive action when the Accounts Receivable ages past its due date.

Companies which resort to aggressive action understand the importance of seeking professional assistance when their internal efforts to collect have not proven successful.